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Advisory Committee

The foundation of Gashanti UNITY has been built on the diverse and committed individuals that guide our practice and initiatives.  In addition to our core planning and coordinating team, we aim to assemble an advisory committee that can help steer our mission, goals and future endeavors.  If you would like to contribute to the dialogue and action, considering joining our advisory committee.

For more information contact:

Hoda Ali


Ghasanti UNITY welcomes anyone who would like to support us through volunteering with our programming, events and various initiatives. We are always looking for passionate people who have skills in the areas of research, facilitation, administration and social media, as well as individuals who are interested in learning more about the Somali diaspora and the realities of young, muslim women living in Toronto.

For more information contact:


We invite all young women who have something to say about Somali culture, tradition, fashion, religion (and just about anything they feel!!) to write for our blog. You don’t have to have experience, just something to say. We offer workshops on social media and will train you on how to become an effective blogger. Training dates are to be determined.

For more information contact:


As young social entrepreneurs, Gashanti UNITY has many ideas on how to continue our work with relevance and impact. In order to implement our great ideas and grow our talents as young leaders, we require your investment.

We accept donations through our administrative partner Schools Without Borders, and by specifying your donation to ‘Gashanti UNITY’ through

Or by specifying your donation to ‘Gashanti UNITY’ by mail:

c/o Schools Without Borders
358 Duffern Street Suite 109
Toronto ON
M6K 1Z8

Schools Without Borders